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Rachel Baribeau is a graduate of Auburn University. In 2008 she became the first known female Sportscaster ever fully to participate in a professional football training camp. She was also the first female host on SiriusXM College Sports Nation, and in 2015 she was honored with a prestigious Heisman vote. You can also read her heartfelt and intimate sports columns on www.GridironNow.com.

About Rachel

In a world that’s functioning amidst a full-blown identity crisis, Rachel Baribeau uncovers the story behind the stats. Industry leaders tout Rachel as being:


“Respected by players, coaches and the media.” – CBS Sports Network

“Impressive and infectious.” – ESPN.com

“Hardwired for this business.” – CBS Sports Analyst

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Rachel's climb of Mt. Kilmanjaro to bring awareness for ALS
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If Your Heart Doesn’t Beat Faster

I just hung up from an interview with Coach David Cutcliffe (from Duke) for SiriusXM College Sports Nation. He's the man in my book. He's coaching royalty. As I prepared for the interview I started to get excited. For one, I'm knee-deep in college...

Have you taken time to rem·i·nisce today?

Life can go by so quickly. It's NYE and before you know it you are celebrating yet another year. Your kids grow up wayy too fast, and the season is always over much too soon.  Well I implore you to make a list of five memories you are grateful for, and five things...

He was Love…

Ive had a lot of thoughts rambling around in my head this summer, thoughts Ive wanted to share with you all: thoughts of how great it is to cast off all of your cares, and just be kid-like again; thoughts of how amazing the College World Series was, and how I...

I Believe….

"I Believe." It's a pretty powerful statement. I believe in many things.  I believe in myself, especially after making it up the world's tallest free-standing mountain for my friend, Kevin Turner, and a cure for ALS.  I believe in my dreams.  I believe in the infinite...

I Helped Because Someone Helped Me…

I walked into Crossfit Breaking Boundaries the other day expecting a brutal workout. Most of our workouts are brutal, and I have become addicted to the overcoming.  That is part of the allure for me. I was meeting two friends there to WOD with. One couldn't make it,...


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