Hello all,

It is great to be back from the great state of California and “The Granddaddy of them All!” It was a whirlwind experience and I would not trade it for the world. I have covered some big events in NASCAR and the NFL but this was the culmination of my college sports career thus far( Don’t worry –there is MUCH more to come). The advice from everyone I knew was to soak up every minute and believe me I did. I was busier than Tiger Woods on Valentine’s Day, but not too busy to stop and smell the roses (no pun intended).

But I always say, “the mark of a good life is when you love to travel, but you love to the life you come home even more.” That couldn’t be truer for me.

I can always count on sports, particularly college football to keep me highly entertained. And the past couple of months have been no exception. We are still playing “Where is Waldo,” with Tiger Woods and the rash of coaches that have been fired for allegedly abusing their players is shocking.

We have all been playing will he or won’t he with Smart and Georgia and I hear from my sources over there that they have ex-communicated him from UGA. I knew back in 2006 that old Pete Carroll was just looking for the right opportunity to jump ship at USC. If you think he was fidgety then, he had full blown Tourette’s waiting for the Seahawks to get rid of Mora so they could hire him. I mean wouldn’t you, knowing that the NCAA combined the Mayo and Bush investigation? And if that weren’t enough, add the whole Joe McKnight fancy car fiasco and you might be looking elsewhere for employment too. Too bad he fostered an environment where these things went on in droves and then turned his head as if to say, “Huh…what are you talking about?” Come on old Pete…really? Good luck mucking up the Seahawks.

Now USC has picked a REAL winner in Lane Kiffin, even if they did have to offer the job a reported four times before giving to the golden boy (Mike Riley, Jack Del Rio, Jeff Fisher, and Steve Sarkisian). I must not be alone in believing that it won’t be long before the NCAA puts the strong arm to the so called “golden calf” of major college football. The real winner in all of this is Tennessee, yes I said Tennessee. Essentially they get a do over. They get to start over with a Coach (hopefully) that has humility, reverence for the power of the SEC and the Coaches that comprise it, and a good attitude ( seems simple but after seeing Kiffin and his” if I’m not going to get my way, then I’m taking my ball and going home attitude,” I take nothing for granted) among other things.

If this is the way 2010 starts my friends, then strap on your helmets because we are in for one bumpy ride!