WOW, WOW, WOW. Just got an email and it’s HAPPENING. I’m climbing Mt Kilimanjaro next March for ALS awareness and another cause related to Africa (yet to be determined).

Who, what, when, where, why you ask?

Well I’ve been in love with Africa since I first gazed at the stars from that magnificent land. My aunt took me on a trip of a lifetime some years ago. We went on a photo safari to Kenya, staying at two tented camps, a semi-permanent camp and at Earnest Hemingway’s house. That trip spoke to my SOUL. Ive planned to go back even before I got home, but GOD spoke to my soul and said the next time I returned I needed to give back to the place that brought me so much joy. 

So I’ve tried and tried over the years to plan mission trips, to no avail. For one reason or another they never worked out. 
Enter my friend and fellow Sportscaster, Kristen Kinney. ( She is founder of Malaika For Life. We were loosely planning a trip when she suggested climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I’ve seen documentaries on this mountain. It’s more of a horizontal climb than a vertical one, but daunting and grueling, and A LOT of steps.  

Kili speaks to me. And I’m going to climb for a cause.

We are going to raise a lot of money and FIND A CURE FOR ALS.

Do you want to climb with me? What’s your cause? The climb will take week, the travel 2-3 days. We will also do a 3-day safari and mission work in a local hospital. So the trip will be somewhere between 14-17 days. If you are serious I can send you the cost and what it will include. 

Pray for me; this is crazy amazing and I’m pumped!!! It has GOD written ALL over it.

Rachel Baribeau