Wow..I hope this entry finds all of you in great spirits! I finally start golf lessons with Mark Immelman next Friday! In the meantime I have been training with the fine folks at Momentum Physical Therapy and Sports Enhancement ( Lance and Bill have been working my rear end off at 6:15 AM Mondays and Wednesdays. I already feel faster, bigger and stronger (pictures to follow). Some of the exercises that they do to make athletes better are simply put..revolutionary! Please visit their website for more information. If you know ANY athlete at ANY level that wants to get better then they need to visit the fine folks at momentum. They have helped 37 athletes obtain Division 1 scholarships!
I hope you enjoy the video below…I hesitant to put it up because it is SOOOO embarrasing but I thought you deserved to see it for yourselves. Just REMEMBER that I DID start to catch balls after I took off the gloves!
Hasta leugo,

Clip of Rachel Playing Football