I was listening to coach Fisher from FSU on Sirius/XM College Sports Nation with the great Jack Arute.  He was talking about the intangibles of “Famous Jameis,” his young brazen quarterback Jameis Winston. He said Winston will come to the sidelines during a game and tell him, and other coaches, what he did wrong before they have to point it out to him. In other words, he is accountable. A quality that some never master, much less a youthful signal caller.

It got me to thinking that football is really applicable to all parts of our lives.

Can’t we all mold ourself after the actions of young Winston. Can’t we all speak to our mistakes before they are brought to our attention? Can’t we all take a long hard look in the proverbial mirror, ask ourselves how we can get better, day-to-day, minute-to-minute?

I have decided in my life to take this challenge. I don’t let the proverbial grass grow under my feet. I make it a point to be better, each and every day, in every facet of my life.

Thanks coach Fisher for reminding me of this fact. And thank you Jameis for setting such a great example for this Sportscaster.

I am better because of both of you.


Rachel JOY Baribeau