Giving Back

Giving Back is Always in Style

Rachel is a philanthropist at heart. She is always searching for an opportunity to help others, as she believes this the reason we are here on this earth. When she is not covering the ACC, she is beating the streets to bring you the stories of people that are doing their part to help others. Below are a few causes that are near and dear to Rachel’s heart.

Climb for Kevin

Rachel's climb of Mt. Kilmanjaro to bring awareness for ALS
Donate TodayAbout Kevin Turner

I want to share my story of Kevin Turner, and how I came to support him the way I do. It is truly now my life’s work to find a cure for ALS, and it is because of Kevin Turner.

I used to have a show in Birmingham on sports-talk radio and developed a segment called “Pay it Forward Friday” to honor people in the sports world that were doing more with their lives. Someone suggested former Alabama, Eagles and Patriots fullback Kevin Turner for my segment. Little did I know I would be on a collision course with my philanthropic future. He walked into my studio with a personality and aura as large as the building, and a kindness to match. But the disease was starting to show, in his hands. I had to help him unscrew the cap on his drink and adjust the volume on the headphones. I haven’t spent years with Kevin like some, but I know this. He could sense my pity. I tried to stuff it down, but he innately knew. We started the interview and I was literally mesmerized, with his bravery, with his spirit, with his will to REALLY live. The tears started to flow, this time not from pity, but tears of JOY that I was fortunate enough to make this man’s acquaintance. And then he said something on the air that really stuck with me.

He said, “I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I got a head’s up on life. Anyone could step off a curb tomorrow and get hit by a bus. I  REALLY live my life. I hug my kids. I say ‘I’m sorry.’ I show the people in my life how much I love them. I forgive. I really, really live, Rachel.”

I will never forget that statement. It is why I planned a fundraiser for Kevin, and to find a cure for ALS, when I moved to Atlanta. It is why I am climbing the world’s largest free-standing mountain in March. Kevin has also said that he knows he is one of the more recognizable faces of ALS. He knows he is fighting for all those that have ALS that aren’t famous, and he is proud to fight for them.

I am climbing for Kevin, and to find a cure for this insidious disease. Will you join me in this fight?