On the way home from Gainesville, where I was sent on my first assignment with Fox Sports/Scout.com. My assignment included meeting a wonderful young lady  named Nicole Meyer that wants to pursue a career in sports reporting.

I see a lot of myself in Nicole, plus I have a strong desire to help people, so that made me very eager to mentor her. We spent 1 and 1/2 days together and look forward to many more encounters as I “take her under my wing” in the biz.

If you have read my blog before you know I am the ULTIMATE OPTIMIST and truly believe it’s the little things in life that mean so much.

Nicole and I were in Books-a-Million yesterday to get her sports-related books/magazines for homework. When I checked out with my copy of Lindys the clerk asked me about my rewards card. He looked it up and told me it has expired in 2009. I declined paying to renew it. Approximately 10 monutes later I got an email saying my card had been renewed, AFTER  I left the store. That kind stranger renewed my card for  NO reason other than pure kindness. WOW.

Nicole and I also took a lunch break to take a Zumba class. I try, whenever possible, to take classes when traveling to become a better instructor and to learn as much as I can from someone else. Wendi was our intructor yesterday and it’s quite possible she taught one of the BEST classes I’ve EVER taken. She loves to teach and loves people and it shows, down to her soul. I will not soon forget her smile!

Lastly, this morning I met my flight crew on the shuttle from the Hilton; they are a crew out of Knoxville on US Airways Express. Colleen and her crew were delightful people, even at 5:00 AM EST. lol We enjoyed a very nice chat on the way to the airport. When we were getting our bags, Colleen said, “you know who you look like?” I finished her sentence. “Rachael Ray?” I asked. I get it at least once a week. Truly a compliment, she is such an accomplished and bubbly individual!

I am working on a blog post about the tornado and all the stories/ things I’ve experienced in the aftermath. It is slow coming and painful to write. I appreciate your patience. Please keep us ALL in your prayers and EVERYONE that has been touched by this CRAZY weather season.


Congrats to Cuban, Dirk and all the Mavs and their faithful fans. Bring it home!


All my Best,