Life can go by so quickly. It's NYE and before you know it you are celebrating yet another year. Your kids grow up wayy too fast, and the season is always over much too soon. 

Well I implore you to make a list of five memories you are grateful for, and five things you want to do, accomplish and achieve. Quick, do it. Get a pen, or grab your phone!  IM SERIOUS! 

Lately I've been thinking about all of the amazing opportunities I've been privy to in my career. (I don't have kids yet, so I might have to borrow yours to make those kind of memories in the interim lol.)

On a weekly basis I get to listen to a former quarterback, Dave Archer, a former linebacker and legendary Broadcaster, Tim Brandt, and the football coaches of the ACC talk on our ACC Network conference call. Yes, I ask questions, but I also know when to shut up and just take notes, or just listen. I marvel at the things I hear and the new concepts that I learn. A game which I know well becomes even more intimate to me. (Yes, I just said football and I are intimate. It's the truth!)

I often hang up the phone and just sit in amazement at what I've just learned and heard. 

And then there are the relationships.

I recently went to Starkville with the fine folks at Bleacher Report for a piece on Dak Prescott. Let me say this: I care about the story, but I care about people more! 

I care about relationships. 

I knew Dak had lost his mom to cancer in November. I just lost my dad a month and a half ago. So we were both members of a sad and unfortunate club. We also both have tattoos that honor those we have lost. Before the interview we were able to bond over that. And Id like to think because of that bond Dak felt a little more comfortable to talk about his loss, because the girl sitting across from him was raw from grief as well. (When you lose a parent there is always an aspect of your soul that will remain raw.)

And what the folks at Bleacher Report did with our bond, with the interchange, was timeless. I'd like to think that the piece is a lasting tribute to Dak's mama. I surely felt my Daddycakes around.  He is in everything I do now. And according to Dak, his mother is all around him, too!

So, what memories are making you smile right now?? Write them down!!

What trips are you wanting to take? What goal are you wanting to accomplish? 

What do you have to do to make that happen? 

Life is precious and short, and its about helping others, so I implore you to reminisce. I implore you to dream, and do!!!

I'll catch you on the flip side, after football season, on my fishing trip to the Keys!!

See, I'm dreaming! 

GOD Bless!

-Rachel Joy