What a day of sports. Where I reside it was in the 70’s all weekend; the feeling of spring was heavy in the air. I finally made it to the driving range and realized I need to make a semi-permanent home there.

I teach Zumba four times per week, so I’m used to getting the heart rate up but there is nothing like breaking a sweat outside for the first time when you know spring is coming.

I came home to watch the Great American Race, Daytona!

It did not disappoint!

Holy cautions, though. I believe it was a record number for the famed race.

There was so much coverage of “The Intimidator” this week, as the anniversary of his death approached.

Having interviewed Dale Jr. before, I know he prefers not to speak about his dad in public. He is much like his father in the sense he is no-nonsense and shys away from the media adoration.  He really just wants to race AND win. It appeared it just might happened for Jr. today but a wreck on one of the last laps knocked him out of contention.

I was so upset I slapped myself in MY OWN HEAD. Not smart, I know.  It’s just been longsuffering, being a Jr. fan. You have to go all the way back to 2008 for a win.

But HE HAS won and he did it, a lot. He just needs to find that mojo again and I believe he will.

You gotta believe right? You feel me Cubs and Red Sox fans, right?

Watching golf now, just waiting for the Masters!!!