“I Believe.”

It’s a pretty powerful statement.

I believe in many things.  I believe in myself, especially after making it up the world’s tallest free-standing mountain for my friend, Kevin Turner, and a cure for ALS.  I believe in my dreams.  I believe in the infinite power of love, and forgiveness, and grace.  I believe in smiling often, speaking your truth, and learning from every experience (if you don’t grow from the mistake, you’ve missed the lesson).

But most of all I believe in GOD.  I believe in His Son, Jesus; and I believe He is still very much in the miracle- making business.

In recent days I have witnessed several  miracles,  first hand.

I have seen a family reunited, from the depths of hell. The wife recounted how the good Lord brought her to her knees, and restored the romantic love for her husband, after many many transgressions on his part.

I have seen a couple conceive after YEARS of praying. They never gave up hope, not once, and the Lord rewarded them for their faith.

I have seen business deals just fall into place, the bottom line literally doubling, because of radical tithing and “giving till it hurts.”

I have seen an adoption come to fruition after years of desiring and believing for a baby. That baby girl  is the blessing, and answer, to years spent in faith on their knees.

I have witnessed sweet Grace, and experienced  Grace, where there seemingly should have been none.

So whatever you are believing for, HOLD TIGHT.

Stay in Faith.

He has a plan, and that plan is greater than anything you can ever imagine!!

Rachel Joy