I walked into Crossfit Breaking Boundaries the other day expecting a brutal workout. Most of our workouts are brutal, and I have become addicted to the overcoming.  That is part of the allure for me.

I was meeting two friends there to WOD with. One couldn’t make it, but she sent me a message letting me know that a co-worker was coming for the first time. I exchanged hellos and hugs, and noticed a gentleman standing alone.

I walked up to him and asked, “James?”

“Yes.” He replied.

Just the person I was looking for, this was my friend’s co-worker.  I took him under my proverbial wing and told him what to expect. He asked if he could stick close to me and I told him, “of course.”

I took him over to some of our CFBB family and introduced him. Everyone was super friendly, per usual.

We started the warmup and on this day even the warmup was BRUTAL.  After the warmup we descended on the white board to see the WOD (workout of the day).  James grabbed his weights and took his place next to me. We started the WOD and man, oh man, it was a killer. I saw James struggling and called out to him, “you got this, James, you GOT this.”

I know myself how much a kind word can do for you when you are fatigued mentally and physically. I also know how daunting Crossfit can be for the first time. The  WOD’s seem downright impossible. So I kept talking to him and encouraging him.  And I didn’t stop. I have never been the one to care about  my finishing time. Although I know a lot of people do (different strokes for different folks, right).  I am merely trying to finish because the WOD’s are so challenging.

So on this day I was even more cognizant about standing shoulder to shoulder with my new friend. I wasn’t going to leave  a man down. (I think there is a life lesson here, right?)

James and I did finish, together. And although we both had to take mini-breaks, we got there. We overcame the obstacles in our path. We fought the burn, the pain, the sweat, the fatigue, the desire to quit, but most of all we had to will to win, the win to finish.

I don’t know whether James will become a part of our Crossfit community. I did  encourage him not to give up, to come back. But I do know this, I left my box with a warmness in my heart because I had extended the same kindness, the same inclusiveness, that so many others extended to me when I was new, and even still.

Detractors of Crossfit call it a cult.

If they must, then I say call it a cult of goodness, a cult of bad-*ss-ery, a cult of overcoming the demons within, a cult of winning, a cult of excellence.

These monikers we will accept, because they are TRUTH!


Rachel Joy