Hello all,

I hope this blog post finds you healthy, happy and blessed!  This is the season for giving thanks; so thank you for your support and time spent on my website! I am truly appreciative!

I was flying back from a Christmas party in Virginia Beach the other day, I tried to get on an earlier flight but they were jammed full. I checked back into the hotel to rest for a bit and turned on my TV, the GREAT Lombardi was there on the screen. Turns out I has caught the last 30 minutes of the new Lombardi documentary on HBO.

There is only one word-WOW!

I was inspired, moved (to tears), fired up, educated and changed.

How can you NOT be after watching or reading ANYTHING about the famous coach?

I highly encourage you to watch it, if you can!

I am also reading a new book called, Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion by Gary Vaynerchuk. I highly recommend for anyone that has a passion they would like to cultivate! It’s a quick read and it will also inspire you!

I will be traveling to Orlando two days after Christmas for the Capital One Bowl, so make sure to stay close to twitter for info from the bowl.

I am also expanding across the US, in terms of radio. Catch me on 95.5 The Game in Portland, Friday afternoon on the John Lund Show; in Huntsville on the The Johnny “Ballparks” Franks Show, Wednesday afternoon AND on WNSP (Mobile), Morning SportsCenter with Lee Shirvanian and Mark Heim on Wednesday mornings.

More radio spots are coming your way, so keep your ears tuned to the dial and if you want to hear me on your sports talk station, make sure to let your favorite host know!

Have a blessed and safe holiday season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rachel Baribeau