Isn’t life sweet? No really, stop and think of all of the things you were blessed with today. Bet you can find something to be grateful for. I am swimming in grace these days. Not only do I get to have the career of my dreams; but I’ve been tapped to be a part of a VERY special day tomorrow, the launch of CBS sports radio in Atlanta, 92.9 The Game!  I have the good fortune of being along side two amazing men in Kordell Stewart and Carl Dukes. We are supported by Mark Owens and Aruther Triche behind the scenes. If you aren’t in Atlanta, you can stream the station at (we are on from 2-6 pm EST).

I must rest; but before I do, I need you to know this-hard work DOES pay off. Dreams DO come true. Things fall apart so better things can fall together. If you dedicate your life to looking out for others, people will do the same for you, eventually.  I PROMISE! This day you’ve lived, it was a gift, a treasure. If you greet each morning with this in mind, I guarantee your life will be better. Will there be cruddy/crappy days? Oh HECK yes. But this life is not a dress it, folks. I know this-when it’s my time, I want arrive in front of my PRECIOUS Maker used up, beat up, worn out and road tested from the journey. I want to use every ounce of talent He gave me to further His name and help others. If I do that, even in the smallest way, well that’s a life worth living in my book.

Good night and GOD bless.