For as long as I can remember Steve Spurrier has been everything that is right about college football. 

He is an innovator.

He is a visionary.

He pushes the envelope and colors outside of the lines.

I can relate to that. I am cut from the same cloth.

He has established a legacy at two different schools, Florida and South Carolina. And has brought South Carolina out of "medocitry."

"It's fun for me, and hopeully for our players and coaches, to acheive things that have never happened before. You know the first time in school history, I sort of like that. Some people like to do great things they have already done before, but the first time ever? I really like those things. I was at the right place at the right time at both schools, simple as that. I have been very fortunate and very blessed to get to places where everything is there to be successful."

He has won, and lost, and won again. He has failed miserably, in a very public manner (See Redskins), but he found his way back to what he loves, college football. 

Isnt there beauty in that? Isn't there a very teachable lesson there? 

He is the original visor. The Head Ball Coach. The Old Ball Coach. If you have watched him in any game, you've likely seen him sling that visor to the ground in disgust.

Whether you love him, or love to hate him, it the passion that counts. 

And quite possibly he is most famous for his one-liners. Over the years he has made fun of Nick Saban, he's made fun of Mark Richt, and everyone inbetween. Heck, he's probably even trolled your mama. OK, OK, Im just kidding, not your mama. But you get the point.

The man is funny and virtually no one is safe.

 And according to the HBC tis the season to talk trash. 

"We are all talking right now. I sort of call it talking season. During the season I dont really say much. I am pretty normal. I talk like all of the coaches talk during the season, but in the offseason it adds a little bit of humor this way or the other. Back in the old days people would say that they are going to use that against you in the game. They don't use that against us, it isnt even talked about. Last thing about Georgia, having players suspended, I said, 'I like playing them early because they have players suspended.' The week of the game no one brought it up! Of course the week of the game they (media) asked the athletic director Greg McGarity about the quote. They said 'are you upset that Spurrier said that?' He said, 'how can I be upset when it's the truth?'

Boom, Coach! Boom!

Please Never Ever Retire, Coach. 


All of us (CFB fans)