I might have the best agents in the ENTIRE world!  Matt Kramer and Mark Carmony of CSE in Atlanta are just amazing.  They are like family to me. They believed in me when I had little-to-no experience in the biz. When they talk about potential deals, it goes like this, “I don’t think it is a good opportunity for us.” As in we are a team; we are in this together.

So I was pretty stoked to get to visit with them at our client cocktail party  before my eighth year covering SEC Media Days in Hoover, Al. I was talking to my good friend in the biz, Brady Ackerman, and I happened to glance over his shoulder out the back window of Bonefish. I looked up just in time to catch a red bird landing on a  fence, then quickly flying away. This all happened in less than five seconds. I stopped mid sentence and tried to control the head-to-toe chills I had just encountered. You see red birds are my sign for her, my beloved grandmother. She loved them in life; and since her death I see them a lot, and when I need her most. That five-second glimpse was like a bear hug from heaven. If you’ve ever lost anyone and (without a shadow of a doubt) you know were visited by them, then you will understand.

I spent the next three days questioning coaches and players, trying to prognosticate the 2013 SEC football season. (Right now EVERYONE is a winner.lol) But even more special than that was catching up with tons of amazing people that have graced my life with their presence over the past eight years. Some I have gotten to know on a personal level and  some are more professional, but they have all made a profound impact on my life. I just said to heck with shaking hands, and resorted to hugging people. Seriously. I thought of hugging Commissioner Slive and coach Saban, but refrained.

As a girl that strongly believes in signs, I took every hug, every congrats, every invitation to come on their radio show as a BIG ATTA GIRL. A sign that the universe was saying, YOU CAN DO IT. DON’T STOP NOW. YOU HAVE SOMETHING GREAT TO OFFER THIS WORLD.”

I am eternally grateful to my mentors, peers, friends and  family that make me a better person. Without you, none of this would be possible.



GOD Bless,

Rachel Baribeau