I believe in signs.  In fact, I am always looking for them to confirm my decisions and  validate the path I am on. As many of you know, I recently moved to Birmingham. I had  house and it fell through. So for weeks I packed in faith, knowing that GOD would provide the perfect place for me. I was getting down the wire, and still no place. I was being shown places, but  I just didn’t get THAT feeling about them. You know, that gut feeling. The lady that was showing me houses said there was one more I should check out. I drove by, called the owner, looked  at it and took the place, all within 30 minutes. Talk about knowing, huh?

The house is perfect for me and my girls (sister labs). I couldn’t be happier about my new chapter and ALL that is to come in Birmingham, Al.

There is a dog park close to my house. I have already taken my babies there multiple times since moving in. The other day I was exiting the park and I happened across a bench bearing two names in memoriam. Chills covered my body when I read the last name. Simultaneously my heart flooded with joy, and tears sprung to my eyes.

You see, the last name on that bench was the name of one of the best human beings I’ve ever met. Someone that loved me through thick and thin. He was my best friend, and someone everyone wanted to know. He was that special. We lost Jay Pearson in a skiing accident in January of 2005. He was  literally on top of the world when he lost his life, doing something that made him feel very alive. What better way is there to go?

Jay was the person that people literally gravitated to. If you knew him you felt  very fortunate; if you didn’t, you wanted to. More importantly, there was his heart. The depth was unmatched.  He loved me at a time in my life when I was searching for my meaning, my place.  I wasn’t even sure of who I was; but in Jay I always saw the best version of myself. He had that uncanny ability to make those around him better human beings, by just being himself.

Yes, he was THAT special.

He went to cheesy business meetings with me & watched my babies while I chased bands. He held my hand when I was scared, and we talked about our dreams. His dreams were out west. I had always encouraged him to go, since I left my heart in the Tetons. He finally realized that dreams and set out west for Colorado. That is where his mortal story ended, but his spirit lives on. He lives on in my heart, and the MANY lives he touched.  I know Jay loved Jesus; so I can only imagine the homecoming he received when he left this earth. That must have been a beautiful sight. I can literally hear GOD say, “welcome home, my son, my good and faithful servant.”

In my humble opinion, our greatest purpose on this earth is to love. Jay embodied love. He radiated it from every fiber of his being.

His ways and life are an example for all of us.

I sleep even better in my new home now; because I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, I am supposed to be here, at this appointed time.

My angel, Jay, sent me a sign to confirm it.




Rachel Baribeau