Today is the day.

The first day of the REST of your life.

Will you heed the call?

You have read the first line of my blog post and maybe you are fired up; if you aren’t, let me continue.

You aren’t promised another day. You have only this day, Lord willing.

Will you use is grumbling, holding onto grudge, hating,  being miserable, in some shape or fashion?

The answer is NO! NO, you won’t live like that anymore.

I told a client last night the first step to achieving his dreams was to decide that he was going to succeed, to decide he was going to overcome.

So what are you dreaming, what are you believing for in the deepest part of your soul?

I am here to look you squarely in the face and say, “YOU CAN DO IT!”

There will be lots of hard work, sacrifice, stumbling (make it part of the dance), but I can promise you if you stay the course, YOU WILL ACHIEVE!