Hello all,

Well we blinked and the end of the season is upon us; it’s enough to make me cry but I will refrain because today we have some BIG BOY football to watch!

Auburn is trying to avenge being left out in 2004 and Oregon is trying to prove they are worthy of the title game as as well; while TCU is just hoping something crazy will happen and crazy CAN happen. We see it every weekend. ┬áTeams that aren’t supposed to have a chance, rise up for one mighty day and beat their opponent. Isn’t that why we watch, after all?

I look back to the beginning of the season and chuckle, it just reinforces what I always say. We in the media are just making educated guesses. What prognosticators we are, right?

All the talent, on paper, can amount to a hill of beans. It’s a bit of luck, fate, destiny, grit, gut and just the right mix of players with their particular skill sets that make a championship team. A dear friend if mine once said, “It’s not the Jimmys or Joes, it’s the x’s and o’s.

Happy football watching today!

Rachel Baribeau