Ive got a stack of letters on my desk. Old-school cards and pictures I actually printed (gasp) and are planning to send to people and surprise them.

And today I got a call that no one wants to hear.

One of my recipients passed away. 

I only met him once, but he had a way about him. He was a sweet, gentle soul. I bet he made everyone feel like someone. He made me feel larger than life. 

You just know those people when you meet them. 

I journaled about the experience and shared it on Facebook. Some people will just do that to you. 

Instead of offering a common platitude that we so often hear in times of loss, "Go out and hug someone today. Tell your friends/family that you love them." And that is a great platitude, mind you. I suggest this: be the person that makes everyone feel like they are somebody. Makes someone feel so special after an encounter that they want to go journal about it, share it on social media or write it in the sky (I jest, but you get the point).

I know his sweet soul is mingling with Jesus as I type this. He up there with my daddy, my grandmother, my GODmother, Peggy Prescott and everyone you love that you've lost. They are better off than us, but one day we will meet them at the pearly gates, and that is enough for me. 

In the meantime, I'll be busy being that person to everyone that I meet. 

And if anyone finds the address to heaven for this unsent card, Ill take that too. 


-Rachel Joy Baribeau